Puuseppä Reijo Juopperi

Lappiporras was born from a childhood dream

Carpenter Reijo Juopperi fell in love with building stairs when he worked at a carpenter’s workshop as a young man. In 1992, Reijo realised his dream and started his own stairs company. The story of Lappiporras had begun.

Lappiporras answered the need of northern builders and immediately got clients from nearby log house builders and building companies. The business started to grow, and more carpenters were hired to meet the growing demand. At the same time, more machinery was added and Lappiporras transformed from a carpenter’s workshop to a stairway manufacturer.

Teollista portaidenvalmistusta Suomessa.

World-renown Finnish market leader and a family business

Today Lappiporras is the market leader in Finland and its products are well known also outside of Finland. We send thousands of stairs around the world each year.

We are still a family business according to the true meaning of the phrase. Reijo is still visible in the company’s everyday operations, though the running of the business is now in the hands of other family members. CEO Anne Juopperi – Reijo’s wife – is also the chairman of Suomen Porrasvalmistajat ry and, therefore, has a bird-view of the stair industry. Reijo and Anne’s daughter Marjo Rovaniemi is running the everyday operations of the office and their son Sakari Juopperi is the head of design and factory.

Additionally, the Lappiporras family consists of 20 carpenters and employees on the production side. Those who have been longest at Lappiporras started shortly after the company was founded. At present, the youngest employees had not even been born when the company was founded. Older professionals are transferring their know-how to the younger generation.

Massiivipuiset portaat

Massive wooden stairway is carpentry at its finest

For us, it is an honour to manufacture stairs that meet our customers’ needs in fitting, safety and design. The massive wooden staircase is carpentry at its finest and challenges its builder time after time. We are proud and happy that many families choose our stairs for their homes.

Despite our growth and industrial working methods, we still hold the values of a family business. Our way of working is flexible and customer oriented. We always build our stairs listening to customers’ wishes and emphasising safety. The founding family takes part in the factory’s everyday operations.

All our products are produced in our factory in Kemi, Finland under close supervision. We know the current regulations regarding the industry and use high-quality materials, which are sourced in Finland.

Our stairs climb up to the Northern lights!

Lappiporras has grown into Finland’s largest stair manufacturer. We have manufactured more than 46,000 staircases. If you were to combine all these into one massive staircase you could climb up to Northern lights.