Staircases with wooden bannister

A thoughtfully painted staircase with a wooden bannister creates a sense of harmony and timelessness. Depending on the staircase design it can exude modernity, minimalism or traditional style.

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Staircases with glass bannister

A beautiful and light glass bannister is stylish in newer and older homes alike. The cold and warm surfaces emerge by combining glass and steel with wood.

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The staircase design of your dreams

Is your dream to have a beautiful staircase that is custom-made and fitted to your home? Find the right staircase for you from our staircase models! Besides the material used for the flight of stairs, the handrail and accessories can make a huge impact on the staircase design and on how usable it is. The correct height and structure of the bannister creates a foundation for a functioning and safe staircase. Correctly done stairs are easy to climb.

Because the space reserved for the stairs defines the model that can be selected, it is important to think about the stairs early in the house building process. We will happily take part in selecting and designing the right stairs for you before the building work starts. Our well-trained staff will help you select the right staircase for your home.

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You choose the design, we execute it safely

Lappiporras staircases are manufactured in our machine-operated factory in Kemi, Finland. Despite automatization, our craftsmen finish and check all the stair parts manually. Every delivery comes with easy to follow instructions, which makes installing a staircase straightforward.

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