Staircase models

Lappiporras staircases are always manufactured from high-quality wood with a finishing that matches the interior design of the house. Wooden staircases made from pine, birch and oak are timeless classics. We offer a wide range of colours for all interior designs whether you choose a transparent finish or a specific colour. Building a staircase of your dreams is what we do, step by step making it the centrepiece of your home.

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Staircases with wooden bannister

A thoughtfully painted staircase with a wooden bannister creates a sense of harmony and timelessness. Depending on the staircase design it can exude modernity, minimalism or traditional style.

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Staircases with glass bannister

A beautiful and light glass bannister is stylish in newer and older homes alike. The cold and warm surfaces emerge by combining glass and steel with wood.

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Did you find your staircase design? Let us help you plan your staircase
as early in the process as possible. Our representatives help you choose the right staircase for your style and the structure of your house. Design is always part of the product’s price and if needed we will help with measuring and installing the staircase at the time of your choosing. Measuring and installing services are available in Finland.

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When choosing Lappiporras, you know your builders

Our carpenters build your staircase in Finland from high-quality materials, adhering to the highest standards.

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