Wood materials – Pine, birch and oak stairs

A beautiful and atmospheric home is built by a design that mirrors the inhabitants of the home. A staircase is an important feature in home design.

Lappiporras staircases are always manufactured from high-quality wood. Pine, birch and oak stairs are the most popular wooden stairscases. Other wooden materials can be made to order. Ask about the options from our team

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Finishing fine-tunes the look of a staircase

Lappiporras staircase colour blends into your interior design choices. Choose the colour based on your surroundings or make the staircase a beautiful stand-alone detail in your home. The oak, birch or pine stairs will be made to match your wishes with the help of finishing, which also improves the durability of the stairs. Choose your desired finishing: oil, varnish, paint or staining. You can choose the colours suitable to your home from the NCS or RAL colour charts. There is a separate colour chart for translucent colours.