Portaiden mitoitus

Careful measuring is key

We will plan a beautiful staircase based on floor plans, measurements and your wishes. The design will be built in our machine-operated factory. The stair design is based on a standard model but fitted to the specifications of your home.

Learn more about the designs and sizes of our standard models

How to measure the staircase and confirm your stair order?

You should always confirm the measurements. The stairs will be put into production only after the measurements have been confirmed. Keep in mind that the total rise is calculated from the completed downstairs floor to the completed upstairs floors. The total rise and other measurements have to be confirmed once you have received the design plans that we provide.

The confirmed measurements have to be delivered to Lappiporras with a signature, by mail or email – we always require a written confirmation. If the confirmed measurements are not delivered by the deadline, the delivery of the stairs will be postponed until the measurements have been confirmed.

If you have questions about measuring, you can ask our staff more about our measuring service. The measuring service is available only in Finland, in restricted areas.

Delivery of the Lappiporras stairs

The stairs will be delivered by the Kaukokiito delivery company to the set location during an agreed delivery week. You must check the order upon delivery. If the order has been damaged during transportation, the damage should be detailed in the transportation log. Even if the package is not damaged, you must check the disassembled stairs for damage within seven days of receiving your order. Please inform us about any damage immediately. You must not install any damaged parts without contacting the factory.

Staircase installation

You will always receive a new staircase installation guide with your staircase delivery. Please follow the guide when installing stairs in a house. The needed fixtures are included in the package. If you encounter issues when installing the stairs, or you have questions about installation, please contact Lappiporras as quickly as possible.

We offer an installation service in Finland. Ask for more information from our team members!