Unique stairs for small spaces – Safety and comfort first

Together with design, safety and comfort are important when building indoor stairs for holiday homes. The staircase has to fit its purpose. When planning cottage stairs or beach house stairs, the space dedicated for the staircase and the size of the upstairs landing define how the measuring will be done.

Lappiporras has a strong background in building stairs for holiday use. Decades-long cooperation with holiday home builders has given us the expertise in designing and building stairs for smaller spaces.

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Adjustable model, L-shaped model or fitted stair?

Lappiporras designs unique stairs for small spaces. It is not always easy to imagine how the stairs will fit in a particular location. In that case, an adjustable staircase can be the right choice. The angle of Lappiporras’ trademark Loimu stairs is adjustable. The Loimu is meant for small spaces as they have a sharp rise. The stairs are safe despite being steep. There are steady handlebars on the skirting that give climbers a steady grip.

The L-shaped model for small spaces fits well for cottage stairs or other staircases that start from corners. A L-shaped staircase works well in spaces where the stairs climb to the roof structure.

If there is more room for the stairs, you should consider the rise height and tread depth based on the purpose of use. A large rise height is difficult for children, but a low rise height feels awkward to climb. Our sales personnel will help you find the right measurements. Ask for more!

Lappiporras line works for all homes

Design trends impact the construction of holiday homes as well. The colour of the staircase is part of the design of the holiday home. For example, a translucent white on the ceiling panels can repeat on the skirting of a beach house stairs. The warmth of the floor and the fireplace can match the colour of the tread. Water-soluble varnishes, stains and paints are environmentally friendly. There are countless colour options. The sky is the limit! A glass bannister is a choice for those building a modern holiday home.

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A standard staircase or slightly altered standard staircase is the least expensive option.  You can browse our holiday home line at Netrauta online store.