The design of the skirtboard creates a unique look for a staircase. In modern design, the skirt is usually straight-lined and simple. A slightly curved skirtboard works well in a traditional home.

TL Kaari Sivujohde, Lappiporras.


The skirtboard of the staircase curves at the corner steps.
The curved skirtboard softens the stair’s look, the ensemble is harmonious. The curved skirtboard pairs perfectly with our wooden bannister collection.


The skirtboard is shaped in a straight line, with the corner steps turning at an acute angle. When using a modern skirtboard, the handrail follows the shape of the skirtboard or the handrail can be made in a completely straight line.

When using a straight handrail on rotary steps, the height of the linear handrail varies from the main surface of the step.

The modern skirtboard is used in our staircases with glass bannister.

TK Moderni Sivujohde, Lappiporras.
Satula Sivujohde, Lappiporras.


When the staircase is positioned between walls or in a narrow space, a skirtboard shaped to the underside of the step is the best option.

The saddle staircase is a spectacular and timeless choice for minimalistic interiors.