Lappiporras stairs work for DIY customers and those needing a full service. We provide everything from design to staircase installation. Our design service is included in the price of the product. Thanks to our experienced and well-trained staff, detailed design and certified products, we can guarantee you get a high-quality product and service.

Design service

Like every home, every staircase is unique. By contacting us at the beginning of the building process you will get the best value from our design service.

Regulations and specifications are the starting point when designing stairs. The stairs have to be geometrically well designed for the space that they are meant for, so that they are easy to climb. You will get to see a stair plan for your home when you order Lappiporras stairs. Based on the plan you can check the final measurements and confirm the suitability of the product.

Measuring service

Do you have questions on what size the staircase should be? We offer a measuring service in Finland – Kemi, Oulu, Tampere, Lahti and the capital region and areas surrounding these municipalities.

Please check if the measuring service is available in your area from our team.

Staircase installation service

To make things easy you can order an installation service from us and we will install your staircase for you. When you add an installation service to your order, you only need to make sure the installer has another person to help them lift the stair parts to the right place. The stairs will be installed within a day. You can also order covers for the treads while the house is being built, so you don’t have to cover them yourself. Installation service is available in Finland.

Lappiporras funding – flexibility for your stair purchase

Lappiporras funding makes sure that a lack of funds won’t cost you your dream stairs. Flexible payment terms make it possible for you to pay in smaller instalments.

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